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Birthday balloons Salem Oregon and nearby cities. Introducing our Barbie of Mine Birthday Balloon Bouquet - a delightful explosion of pink perfection that will make any birthday celebration a magical moment to remember! This enchanting balloon bouquet is crafted with love and care to bring joy and smiles to the lucky birthday girl's special day.

At the center of this wondrous arrangement stands a large Mylar balloon, adorned with a heartwarming "Happy Birthday" message, among stars, serving as the centerpiece of the bouquet. It stands tall and proud on a bed of carefully chosen balloons, playfully decorated with charming balloon bows and twinkling stars that add an extra touch of brilliance.

Surrounding the main Mylar balloon is a set of helium-filled balloons, each thoughtfully selected to complement the overall theme. Among them, you'll find mesmerizing marble pink and vibrant solid pink hearts, symbolizing love, affection, and cuteness, while also exuding a delightful playfulness.

The latex balloons in various shades of pink add a burst of color to the ensemble, creating a dazzling display that will capture everyone's attention. They radiate joy and happiness, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

To make this already enchanting bouquet even more irresistible, a beautiful butterfly balloon gracefully hovers on top, symbolizing the essence of transformation and the beauty of growth - just like the birthday girl blossoming on her special day.

This Barbie of Mine Birthday Balloon Bouquet is the perfect gift to celebrate the princess of your heart. Whether you're planning a grand birthday bash or an intimate gathering with loved ones, this dreamy bouquet will undoubtedly steal the show and fill the air with joy and laughter.

Surprise the birthday girl with this captivating balloon bouquet and watch her eyes light up with delight as she's embraced by a whirlwind of pink wonder and love. Give the gift of cherished memories and create a birthday celebration that will be etched in her heart forever. Make her day even more special with our Barbie of Mine Birthday Balloon Bouquet!

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    • Delivery available in Salem Oregon and nearby areas.
    • You can personalize your gift by adding their name and make it sweeter by adding chocolates. You can even make it a bundle.  Yes! They can have it all!

    • Balloon Bouquets require 24 hours processing time.
    • Please note that sometimes, when we face unexpected supply challenges, some balloons and materials may differ from those pictured, but you’ll always get the same or greater value


    Care and handling
    BALLOONS: To ensure that your balloons stay in their best shape, we want to provide you with some important care instructions: 1. Water weight caution: Please note that most of our balloon bouquets come with a water weight. This weight helps to keep the balloons in place and prevents them from flying away. It is important to handle the balloons with care and avoid puncturing or exploding the water weight and having an accidental splash. If the water weight does get punctured, make sure to dispose of it safely. 2. Weather sensitivity: Balloons are sensitive to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Please keep your balloons away from air conditioning units, and heaters, and avoid exposing your balloons to direct sunlight as the sudden temperature changes can cause the balloons to fade or become brittle or worst-case scenario burst. 3. Not a toy: Although balloons can be a fun addition to any celebration, please keep in mind that they are not toys and should not be played with. Keep them away from children and pets, as they can be a choking hazard if swallowed. Adult supervision is always required. 4. Decoration details: Some decor details such a wooden bugs, butterflies, stickers, etc. are small and can be a choking hazard, adult supervision is always required. By following these simple care instructions, you can enjoy your baloons to the max! and you can help your balloons to last as long as possible. Thank you for choosing our balloons and we hope you enjoy them! FLOWERS: All our flower arrangements come well-hydrated. Keeping them in a cool environment helps them to last longer. However, depending on temperature and weather conditions your flowers can quickly get thirsty, in which case we have added a flower food pouch that you can mix with water to rehydrate them when needed. By following these simple steps, you can keep your flowers fresher and enjoy their beauty for longer. FRUIT BASKETS. Our fruit baskets come with fresh fruits, and in some cases with cheese and other perishable items. We transport all our fruit baskets in a cooler to keep them fresh when you receive them. And we recommend refrigerating all the goodies in your basket as soon as you receive them to ensure the freshness of all your treats. Enjoy!
    a blast of pink birthday balloon bouquet with barbie colors. Balloons Salem Oregon and nearby cities.

    Balloons Salem Oregon and nearby cities.

    Let's share the wonder of the unexpected!

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