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Balloon Bouquet Centerpiece (3 balloon bouquets with 5 helium balloons ea.)

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Add a touch of fun and elegance to any celebration with our Balloon Bouquet Centerpieces. A set comes with 3 centerpieces, each made of 5 high-quality balloons and a beautifully decorated base. With customizable colors, these centerpieces are the perfect addition to elevate any event.

  • Delivery is available in Salem Oregon and nearby areas.
  • Balloon Decor requires 2 weeks processing time.
  • Please note that sometimes, when we face supply challenges, some balloons and materials may differ from those pictured, but you’ll always get the same or greater value.
Handling and Care
To ensure that your balloons stay in their best shape, we want to provide you with some important care instructions: 1. Water weight caution: Please note that most of our balloon bouquets come with a water weight. This weight helps to keep the balloons in place and prevents them from flying away. It is important to handle the balloons with care and avoid puncturing or exploding the water weight and having an accidental splash. If the water weight does get punctured, make sure to dispose of it safely. 2. Weather sensitivity: Balloons are sensitive to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Please keep your balloons away from air conditioning units, and heaters, and avoid exposing your balloons to direct sunlight as the sudden temperature changes can cause the balloons to fade or become brittle or worst-case scenario burst. 3. Not a toy: Although balloons can be a fun addition to any celebration, please keep in mind that they are not toys and should not be played with. Keep them away from children and pets, as they can be a choking hazard if swallowed. Adult supervision is always required. By following these simple care instructions, you can enjoy your baloons to the max! and you can help your balloons to last as long as possible. Thank you for choosing our balloons and we hope you enjoy them!
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You agree that we may remove the service for indefinite periods of time or cancel the service at any time, without notice to you. Therefore, you agree that your use of, or inability to use, the service is at your sole risk. We are not responsible for the quality of the videos or audios you upload for your video greeting card. Balloon decoration services: Our company prioritizes delivering our services on a first-come, first-served basis. We understand that timely deliveries are crucial to the success of your event or project, and we want to ensure that you have a positive experience with us. To guarantee your desired delivery date, we recommend booking early to secure your spot in our schedule. We understand that sometimes circumstances may change, and you might have only a little time to book your balloon décor. Please know that while we strive to accommodate all requests, due to high demand or unforeseen circumstances this is not always possible. We encourage you to plan your event or project well in advance to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional and polite approach in all our interactions. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and working closely with you to meet your delivery needs. We understand that effective communication and collaboration are essential for a smooth and successful delivery process. In conclusion, our delivery policy is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and we recommend booking early to secure your desired delivery date. Planning your event or project well in advance and maintaining open communication with us will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. We are committed to providing professional and polite service to ensure your satisfaction. Only decorations that include rentals also include take-down services. As the “take-down service’s name precisely reflects its nature; these services are exclusively limited to the take-down of our décor setup. We are not a cleaning services company; therefore, we do not offer cleaning services and our responsibility is limited to the removal of our decoration. For all other decorations, our services will be considered finished after the decoration delivery or setup. Therefore, the take-down will be the buyer’s sole responsibility and SBF will not be responsible for any damage caused by the buyer. The venue’s full address and phone number are required. Certain decorations require more than one hour of setup time. We will always disclaim our required setup time. But if not given to us, we cannot guarantee that your decoration will be finished on time. Is our responsibility to be at the venue on time, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to let us in the venue on time. We cannot be responsible for delays due to not having proper access to the venue. It is the buyer’s responsibility to convey the venue’s rules and guidelines for decoration installations to us and we cannot be responsible for any infractions to rules or guidelines that we were not made aware of. These rules apply even if the venue is at the client's home. We offer custom design and Mock-up services. These services are optional. The price for these services is $100. But if you like our design and decide to purchase it from us, we will waive this fee and apply it to your purchase. General warnings: Helium gas is not flammable, but it reacts to weather. When exposed to heat the latex or foil balloons boil and they can explode. Avoid placing them directly under the sun or any other source of heat. When exposed to cold temperatures it compresses and the balloons deflate. Avoid placing them near an A/C vent. If left in a car, the high or low temperatures can affect the balloons in the same manner. Our Bouquets are not intended for exteriors. When you order a balloon bouquet, take into consideration the balloon's life expectancy. Latex or foil balloons with helium have a life expectancy of 12 hours. With good care and optimal weather conditions, air-only balloons have a life expectancy of 24 hours. This might vary depending on the weather conditions and care. SBF is not responsible for allergic reactions to our products. It is the buyer's responsibility to know if the recipient has any allergies. In the case of personalized balloons, the client is responsible for providing the correct name, date, or any other specific data. Foil balloons can be electrical conductors. Never leave them close to outlets or power lines. Deflated or exploded balloons must be discarded and never left within the reach of children or pets as they can cause choking. Adult supervision is always required. Our arrangements are meant to cheer up and decorate, they are not toys and not meant to be played with. Adult supervision is always required. SBF is not responsible for any damages or losses due to failure to comply with SBNF terms and conditions. Due to the nature of some arrangements such as flowers in a bubble balloon, we use artificial flowers. Some balloon bouquets contain a water-weight balloon in their base. Even though we use double-stuffed balloons for this purpose, we cannot warrant that they will not explode. SBF is not responsible for any inappropriate handling of our products. If you decide to transport your balloon bouquet or decoration yourself, our responsibility concludes upon its safe delivery to the specified location. Once the bouquet or decor is in your possession, any handling during transportation is beyond our control and we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to the products during transit. When you order online, please note that due to local availability some of the arrangements and bouquet's components such as balloons, plush, and natural or artificial flower varieties or colors, may differ from the picture, but replacement components will be of equal or higher value than the ones shown on the picture and your gift will always be unique and beautiful! Our bouquets are intended for decorative purposes. They are not toys and are not meant to be played with. After an order has been placed, we start working on it immediately even if the order delivery date is far away. This means that we start immediately getting and holding all the necessary materials and supplies to ensure that your items will be delivered on time and adequately. Therefore, even though we do our best to accommodate your last-minute changes, most often they can’t be granted. Buyer must provide SBF with Customer’s full name Customer’s email address Customer’s phone number Specific Venue instructions, rules, and guidelines for the décor installation Full venue address Event date (exact day of the event) Event time (exact time that the event starts at) Set-up time (Decorator arrival time. Certain decorations require more than one hour of setup time. We will always disclaim our required setup time. But if not given to us, we cannot guarantee that your decoration will be finished on time. Is our responsibility to be at the venue on time, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to let us in the venue on time. We cannot be responsible for delays due to not having proper access to the venue.) These rules apply even if the venue is at the client's home. For all balloon event decorations, please be aware that all orders must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your decoration date. Decoration delivery days and hours: Upon availability Orders placed on Weekends will be processed on the next business day. Buyer must agree with SBF terms & conditions. For any updates on our delivery time or any other communications, you must provide us with an email and a phone number. With this, you agree to receive notifications via text or email. To be 100% dedicated to your event we will blackout your event date. If your event date changes after we’ve blacked it out, the new date will be subject to our availability. We appreciate your understanding and support!
Balloon centerpiece made of 5 balloons in silver, red, white and black, decorated with a curly balloon. Salem Oregon balloon decor.
Balloon Bouquet Centerpiece (3 balloon bouquets with 5 helium balloons ea.)

Salem Oregon Balloon Decor.

Let's share the wonder of the unexpected!

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